CAN Invest present an introduction to social investment for heritage organisations

  • Charity and social enterprise virtual office rental in London

    CAN Mezzanine Virtual Office

    Now you CAN afford a London address!
    Virtual Office is available at CAN Mezzanine Borough, Old street, Loman street and Hounslow.

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  • Virtual office space for charities

    Virtual Office at Old Street

    CAN’s name for integrity and expertise in the support and nurturing of social enterprises and charities is hugely respected throughout the third sector and government...

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  • Virtual office rental for social enterprises and charities in London

    Virtual Office at Borough

    ...By registering your organisation at any of our London addresses you share some of that recognition, and benefit from the prestige of a presence in the capital.

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IRAS on CAN culture!

Immigration Representation and Advice Service (IRAS)

Desire Eteko

Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Representation and Advice Service (IRAS)


I have been here for the past six years and I can only say one thing, it feels like home. Everything you need is here and the people are great!