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Office Space Calculator

Find out the cost of office desk rental at each London location...

To help estimate the costs for your organisation of renting fully serviced desk space at one of CAN Mezzanine office locations, we have created an easy to use calculator.


CAN Mezzanine Borough entrance


Using the calculator on the right-hand side, simply...

  1. Choose your preferred location from the drop-down options;
  2. Enter how many desk spaces you are looking for;
  3. Add how many telephone lines you will need;
  4. Add how many broadband connections (internet) you require;
  5. 'Calculate'

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to someone, please complete our Online Enquiry Form and we'll get back to you shortly. 


Whilst we keep our prices as up-to-date as possible, please be aware that these are estimated costs only.
All prices displayed are ex. VAT. CAN Mezzanine, Borough and CAN Mezzanine, Loman Street are VAT-exempt buildings, (VAT not charged on Licence fee, Utilities or Business rates only).
Phone call and printing costs are charged separately and payable by monthly invoice.