Why choose a shared office space for your Charity or Social Enterprise?


We all know the style of working that involves a group of people sharing a working environment, a style that has increased dramatically in the last few years; coworking’. 

Iprovides a great solution for many from entrepreneurs, work-at-home professionals, people who travel a lot for work and independent contractors. 

Moving to CAN Mezzanine

shared office space grants many advantages to organisations: it provides a source of inspiration, collaboration, networking and a way of creating new prospects for every business. 

CAN Mezzanine understood this trend many years ago, designing a place that could be a home for Charities and Social Enterprises and that could grant them all of these advantages.  

So why choosing a co-working space for a Charity or a Social Enterprise? 

Here a list of 4 perks of moving into a shared office space: 


1) It is cost-effective 

CAN Mezzanine offer customers extremely competitive rates, that include all the facilities an organisation needs to achieve its goals.  

Saving money on the office rent allow Charities to focus more on their mission and supporters. Choosing a coworking space also grants organisations flexibility: no-long term commitments and the chance to scale space up or down, fitting your needs perfectly in every moment 

2) It means being part of a Community 

At CAN Mezzanine you become part of a community of like-minded people that will make you feel supported and connected.  

Being part of a community helps develop new ideas, projects and partnerships to achieve common, bigger goals. 

Through social events, training, peer to peer support and social business consultancy, CAN Mezzanine aims to help their community grow, reach its full potential and maximisits social impact.  


3) The keyword is: Openness 

Coworking spaces are focused on creating an open and collaborative atmosphere, that allows people and organisations to develop relationships and trust, always following everyone's needs.  

To help customers improve collaboration as well as providing a workspace that feels like home, CAN Mezzanine provide open spaces but also enclosed offices and meeting roomsas well as shared kitchens with free coffee and tea and breakout areas to relax.  

4) It is Accessible  

CAN Mezzanine offices are based in key areas of London - like Old Street and Borough - easily reached by tube, train and buses. Every organisation that chooses one of our locations will also benefit from having a central London address. 

Not all the Charities, Not for Profit or Social Enterprise organisations can afford a monthly rent, that is the reason why CAN Mezzanine offer Virtual Office solutions as well as daily Hot Desking. 



If you want to know more about CAN Mezzanine coworking spaces and be part of our community, please fill in our enquiry form or email us at 


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