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Sarcoma UK - SAW

With this week marking Sarcoma Awareness Week (2nd – 8th July) we felt there was no better time to catch up with CAN Mezzanine customer Sarcoma UK. 

In this blog we find out a bit more in terms of what sarcoma is, the amazing work Sarcoma UK do and how you can get involved. 

What is Sarcoma?

People know about breast cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer – the clue is in the name. But sarcoma

Sarcoma is an uncommon type of cancer of the bone and soft tissue. 15 people are diagnosed with sarcoma cancer every day in the UK, more than was previously thought. 

It can develop in any part of the body, inside or outside which makes it difficult to diagnose. 

Sarcoma Awareness Week has a focus on educating people and explaining that sarcoma is in fact cancer. The campaign is not about scaremongering but about helping people to identify potential symptoms to help diagnose it early in order to treat and manage it better. 

“The more we talk about sarcoma, the better. Time and again we speak to supporters who tell us they wish they had known about sarcoma and we’re acutely aware of the scale of destruction sarcoma is capable of.” 

Bevis Man, Director of Communications at Sarcoma UK 

Who are Sarcoma UK? 

Sarcoma UK is a national charity that funds sarcoma research, offers support to anyone affected by sarcoma and also campaigns for better treatments. 

The 17 strong team of passionate individuals work hard to have a positive impact on people living with sarcoma. 

To date, Sarcoma UK have awarded more than £2 million to research, this research is vital in understanding how sarcoma develops, works and spreads which ultimately will help develop treatments and one day a cure. Although there is a long way to go breakthroughs are occurring which is really exciting. 

Through a dedicated support line service, the team have helped more than 1,000 individuals with everything from providing information on initial diagnosis, a time that can be very dis-orientating through to explaining treatments and even practical issues such as travel insurance.


What is the biggest challenge for Sarcoma UK? 

Awareness is currently the biggest challenge for Sarcoma UK although, progress is being made. Having spent a number of years bringing the sarcoma community in the UK together, they are now in a position where they can be heard when speaking about sarcoma and the issues surrounding it.

How can people get involved? 

There are many ways that people can get involved with Sarcoma UK. 

A great starting point is the Sarcoma Awareness Week page.

  • Right across the UK this week and next, there are a large number of fundraising picnics, and an annual Big Picnic, taking place all organised by the charity’s amazing supporters.
  • Why not share your views on what sarcoma means to you on social media, by using the hashtag #SarcomaIsCancer
  • Get creative and design a t-shirt that could end up in our online store.
  • Join our very special Facebook Live session on Thursday 5th July at 1.30pm. This is a chance for people affected or even just curious about sarcoma to post their questions and the charity’s specialist sarcoma nurses will answer them live.

Why did Sarcoma UK choose CAN? 

Being transparent with supporters is really important to Sarcoma UK, which includes being open about what is spent on overheads. CAN Mezzanine provides a solution that means they can be confident that as much as possible is being spent on research, campaigning and support for those that need it.

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