Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Cut Films move into CAN Mezzanine


Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Cut Films move into CAN Mezzanine

CAN Mezzanine are pleased to welcome two new organisations- Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Cut Films- to our ever-growing community at our Old Street location.


In three years Cut Films, who initiated an anti-tobacco short film project for young people, have grown to reach 4,500 a year across the UK.

Their current youth workers will each work with around 1,000 young people a year, creating at least 80-100 films in each area, making over 420 films every year. Cut Films, formally known as the Deborah Hutton Campaign, merged with with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in 2015 to become their education and prevention arm.

With values that very much align with each other, Cut Films focus on the preventative side of lung cancer (among other smoking related illnesses) with the aim to support young people to be able to say ‘no’ to that first cigarette.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to the prevention of lung cancer, statistically the cancer that kills the most women in the UK.


Watch the Cut Films Showreel here.


Emma Wrafter the Charity Director of Cut Films and Director of Education and Prevention at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.


“We have come from a small office space to a bigger environment with many organisations that are doing really good things. My first impression of CAN Mezzanine was that it seemed like an incredibly friendly place to work and very welcoming. The culture was exactly what we were looking for.


“People have been friendly, coming and talking to us. Being able to make our space creative and colourful has been great, it is important to us, given that we are a charity that works with young people in film, creating the right environment for our visitors. Our first impressions have been proved right.”


"In terms of growth we are seeing some organisations that are on our level that we would want to engage with. We have found everybody including the staff at CAN Mezzanine super helpful which has made our transition smooth and effective, including deliveries, IT support and acquiring office furniture.”


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