New year's Resolutions: 10 tips to make your workspace happier in 2020


2020 just started and now it is the best moment to think about New Year's resolutions and how to make ourselves happier this year.

Believe it or not, your workplace and the way you face your daily work routine can affect your productivity and creativity and, consequently, your happiness.
With a few small changes, the time you spend at your desk and in the workspace can become even more pleasing and rewarding. 

Here's a list of 10 New Year's tips on how you could improve your workspace and your daily attitude:


  1. Personalise your desk.

Happiness is about familiarity. Put something you like on your desk, add a plant or some pictures, pop a comfortable cushion on your chair. Small touches will make a "simple" desk "your" desk.

  1. Organise your space.

Keeping your desk organised means you can not only work efficiently but also think efficiently. Make sure everything has its own place and put away anything that doesn’t get used on a daily basis. The stapler that you haven’t used in months can go in the drawer.

  1. Be active.

Movement is important at work too. Being active is good for your fitness, prevents long-term health problems, and it keeps your mind active which increases productivity. Adapt your desk to allow periods of standing up while you work. An adjustable computer screen can be tilted and raised really easily, for alternating sitting and standing. Take a walk during your lunch break. For example, if you are based in CAN Mezzanine at Borough, you could enjoy a walk along the Thames; if your organisation is based in CAN Mezzanine at Old Street, you could discover Shoreditch and its vibrant environment.

Let your mind and body relax: looking at a screen for long hours is not good for your sight and your health!

  1. Let's socialise!

Regular interaction with co-workers has a positive effect on your mood, as well as being essential for a working environment. When possible, position your desk ideally facing out into the office, making it easier for co-workers to approach you.

Keep an eye on CAN Mezzanine calendar for 2020 too, we are planning loads of events for our customers!

  1. Collaborate more.

When it comes to inspiring creativity, collaboration is the best way to get to it. Today, office design is turning more and more to open, collaborative space rather than a series of offices or divided cubicles.

If you need some quiet space, use conference rooms for that purpose. Flexible space allows everyone what they need at every moment.

  1. Scale back.

A cluttered workspace often means a cluttered brain. Do you really need 100 copies of that ad you ran back in 2001? Is there a reason you need 10 printers and 547 staplers? If you’re finding your equipment excessive, it might be an IT issue – going paperless (or as paperless as possible) will help free you of endless files and storage cabinets. And as you clear the clutter, you’ll likely clear your head, too.

  1. Take More Breaks.

Breaks have been shown to increase mental alertness, reduce fatigue and stress, relieve stiffness from sitting down all day, and yes, increase productivity!

It’s also just important not to overwork yourself. You will produce much better work if you are well-rested and fed!

  1. Set Smart Goals.

Setting goals is an important part of being productive and efficient at the office. But make sure those goals are S.M.A.R.T. or you might find they don’t really help much at all. SMART stands for: 

- Specific: make sure your goal isn’t too vague and that you understand it well;

- Measurable: use industry benchmarks, or last month’s numbers to have a goal you can measure;

- Attainable: make it realistic and something achievable;

- Relevant: your goal should be connected to your company mission;

- Timely: don’t leave your goal floating through space! Give yourself a realistic time to achieve it by. 

  1. Kickstart a new workplace tradition.

Schedule a monthly team lunch, cutest pet photo of the quarter or joke of the day.

  1. Learn How To Delegate.

Very often people feel that in order to do something correctly they must do it themselves, and they end up taking on more work than they can handle. If you have employees beneath you in the chain of command, give them tasks that do not need to be completed by yourself.

Then maybe you can take one of those breaks we talked about!


Most of these resolutions can be achieved by choosing a flexible working space for yourself and your organisation.

As a matter of fact, the last few years have seen a rise in the number of companies offering smarter working initiatives and a more fluid way of conducting business.

Employees can have their work wish granted and work from anywhere, move around the office hot-desking, and still communicate with their colleagues and clients at any time.

If you are interested in this kind of solution, check all the spaces and facilities that CAN Mezzanine can provide, to find out what will inspire you the most, and start your 2020 off on the right foot!



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