Ready to move to a new premise? Here’s our list of Top 5 things to think about


Ready to move to a new premise? Here’s our list of Top 5 things to think about

We know just how tough it is identifying and then securing a new premise that is just right for your organisation and, earlier this year we published ‘Looking to Climb the Social Property Ladder’, which shared some practical advice and insights on this very topic. 

But what about after you’ve signed on the dotted line for your new premises? Are you prepared for the move? 

It’s not un-common for months of work to be put into a property hunt, from due diligence to signed contracts, for the move to have not been thought about and cause disruption for  staff, clients and suppliers.

Here we share our Top 5 things to think about when planning your move:

1. Have one main point of contact for the move/a Project Manager

This person will be responsible for owning the move from making sure all tasks are completed on time to being the main point of contact for any suppliers or issues that arise.

2. Create a new furniture layout plan

This will ensure that not only your moving team know where furniture has to go in the new premises but also that staff know the layout and where to find things on arrival at the new premises.

3. Prepare & brief your moving team

Make sure that members of your moving team know exactly what they are responsible for, what they need to do and when, as this combined with ensuring existing equipment and furniture in your current premises is clearly labeled will help ensure move day goes smoothly.

4. Stay connected

Ensuring you have access to both phones and internet when you move is likely to be pretty important so make sure your IT move plan is done early to give plenty of time for any installs that may be required. You also need to think about transferring numbers and ensuring your current email system will run un-interrupted.

5. Communicate

Make sure you notify customers/clients and suppliers of your address change and let them know about any potential downtime as early as possible. Always give alternative/temporary contact numbers. Also make sure staff know exactly what is happening and when to avoid disruption or worry for them.

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