Office environment & wellbeing - Part 2


Office environment & wellbeing - Part 2

In a previous article we shared 3 recommendations on how to ensure your office space is having a positive impact on staff wellbeing. 

In this new article we look at some keywords that surround this very topic:

Natural light, air quality, plants, noise,
art, colour, commute, facilities, furniture,
flexibility, culture, co-working, collaboration,
engage, recreational space

With all of these words playing an important part in wellbeing in the workplace lets look at 3 in a bit more detail: 

  • Recreational space – do you provide staff with a recreational space where they can meet up with others during breaks, have time out and also improve working relationships and co-working? 
  • Furniture – is the office furniture your staff are using being used correctly and supporting and encouraging a positive posture? Ensure it is monitored to ensure it is.
  • Facilities – what facilities do you provide to your staff? Do you have a kitchen/somewhere they can prepare food, do you have showers so that if they cycle/run in there’s somewhere to freshen up? This type of facilities can have a really positive impact on staff. 


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