New CAN Mezzanine customer PRSB develop standards for electronic patient records


New CAN Mezzanine customer PRSB develop standards for electronic patient records

PRSB's goal is to implement up-to-date digitally transferable patient records, accessible to both health care professionals and patients.

The Professional Record Standards Body for health and social care (PRSB) develops standards for digital care records and promotes their use so that people can receive safe, effective health and social care and providers can offer excellent services more efficiently.  The PRSB have recently moved onto the second floor at CAN Mezzanine, Loman Street.

Helene Feger, Director of Strategy, communications and engagement for PRSB said, "We are working to implement standards for electronic care records to give doctors, nurses and other health and care professionals access to patient information at the press of a button. Better care records will help make care safer and more effective. 

“Our work will also help patients access their own records and will support people managing their own care better. For example, there are about 100,000 health apps already in the UK and the market is growing. And if people have these kinds of tools to manage their health better at home, rather than coming into the hospital, that is better for them and frees up hospital beds for people who need acute care."

From next month, hospitals should be using the PRSB standards to create electronic hospital discharge summaries with a consistent structure and content to share with general practices. 

"The big challenge in a health and social care system where over a million people are working to provide care is getting this implemented - it's absolutely crucial. We're working hand in hand with our members,  NHS leaders and staff, IT developers and system suppliers and NHS Digital, to drive the digital agenda in health and care,” said Helene.

She added, "We're a small organisation in terms of the number of people we have in our team but actually the skills we bring from different parts of the health and social care sector are great. We have a big reach because we're a member organisation consisting of all the colleges and professional bodies  who represent clinicians and health and social care professionals as well as patient groups and system suppliers. It's really powerful."

"There could be some really interesting exchanges and dynamics created between us and other people in CAN. There are lots of organisations involved with health and social care that we could work with and we look forward to meeting them."

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