Musical Futures Revolutionise Music Learning for Youth


Musical Futures Revolutionise Music Learning for Youth


CAN Mezzanine Old street customer, Musical Futures, gives CAN’s new Marketing and PR Executive, Jenny Palmer, an insight into their work and why music is such an important part of education.

Jenny spoke to Musical Futures’ Head of Fundraising, Kevin Grist, to learn more. Musical Futures is a movement to reshape music education by training teachers and practitioners to teach music in a more innovative way.


“There are lots of proven benefits of music; it can help with attainment in other areas of the curriculum, such as literacy and numeracy. I think it’s a huge social thing so it gets people together, it reduces poor mental wellbeing and it helps people understand cultural history.”

On Tuesday 18th October, Musical Futures will be hosting Music Learning Revolution, a one-day conference in Manchester to encourage music educators to keep music learning engaging, inclusive and relevant for all young people. Music Learning Revolution will feature a range of workshops to introduce practical ideas into the classroom, a series of talks from leading voices in the arts, culture, education and politics industries and it will provide a platform for young musicians from UK classrooms to collaborate and perform together.

To raise funding for their work, Musical Futures CEO, Abigail D’Amore, will take part in a Pianothon on Thursday 1st September. She aims to play the piano for 12 hours non-stop at the Yamaha store in London. Any donations that she receives will support Musical Futures’ ‘Make Music 2 Make Music’ challenge- a campaign to invite performing musicians of any age to pledge to make a donation from their gigs to the organisation. It hopes to raise £40,000 to ensure that 2,000 children in the most deprived areas of England benefit from music-making.


“The work of Musical Futures is so important because it provides a pedagogical approach for teachers and practitioners to deliver to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be involved in music, not just those who can afford it or who are perceived to be ‘talented’.”

Find out more about Musical Futures by visiting their website; follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their work.


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