MND Association Produce Inspirational Film of a Daughter Raising Awareness of The Disease That Stole Her Father


MND Association Produce Inspirational Film of a Daughter Raising Awareness of The Disease That Stole Her Father

A Southwark woman’s story is the focus of a new campaigning film for CAN Mezzanine customer Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Lorraine Sheahan, 39, shares her experience caring for her father and the impact of motor neurone disease (MND), before he lost his fight in November 2014. Since then Lorraine has got involved raising awareness for the charity that represents people affected by the disease across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The short film follows Lorraine’s journey as she tries to raise the issue of care for people with MND with Southwark Council. After meeting her councillor, she makes an emotional formal presentation to a full council meeting.

Following a unanimous vote the Southwark Council decides to adopt the MND Charter, a document that sets out basic rights and care expectations for people living with MND and their carers.


Lorraine said: “As a family member I found it challenging making sure we had the right care available for my dad. It was really frustrating spending time on the telephone with services when I could have been spending precious time with dad. MND can progress very rapidly and we lost him just three months and 20 days after diagnosis.  I chose to volunteer so I could help to make life a little easier for other families affected by MND; the MND Charter is a step in the right direction as councils play a key role in providing care and support for people with MND at a local level.

“It is nearly two years on from losing my dad now and it feels like it was yesterday and time does not make things easier. The process was a little daunting but the MND Association was there every step of the way supporting me and the sense of achievement was amazing – I know dad would have been very proud, this achievement has made it not be in vain. I hope through this film other people around the country will do the same and get their councils to adopt the MND Charter; it can really make a difference.”


Cllr Richard Livingstone, cabinet member for adult care and social inclusion at Southwark Council, said: “I am very proud that Southwark Council has adopted the MND Charter and is working to support those with this devastating disease in our borough. Lorraine’s journey to get the council on board is truly inspirational and we would strongly encourage other councils to sign up to the Charter to ensure that families coping with MND have all the support they deserve.” 

Raj Johal, National Campaigns Manager at the MND Association said: “Working with Lorraine on this film was a real privilege, she is an amazing lady. With no previous campaigning experience, she took on the campaign to get Southwark Council to adopt the Charter, proving the most important thing you need to campaign is a passion to help make a difference.  We would also like to thank Southwark Council for agreeing to be part of this film.


“Lorraine is just one of many supporters who have successfully campaigned or are currently campaigning to get their local council to adopt the Charter. We would like to thank each and every one of them.  We are delighted that 23 councils have adopted the MND Charter so far.  Their commitment to helping people with MND and their families through the hardest of times will make a positive difference to the MND community in their area. We urge more councils to get on board and adopt the MND Charter.” 


The film, produced by London-based Catch Creative, will be used on the MND Association websitecampaign website and social media channels; facebook and twitter. It will also be used and shared by the charity staff, volunteers and campaigners around the country.  

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