Lucy Air Ambulance launch Mum Matters support package


Mum Matters support package

To help mums with children in hospital, Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is offering a ‘Mum Matters Support Package’ to all the families they work with. 

According to the charity, 1 in 5 mothers suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health problems during pregnancy or in the months after their baby is born- an estimated 140,000 women in the UK.

The Mum Matters package aims to offer a wider range of support to help every family through this stressful time and help them transition in to a ‘new normal’ once they return home from hospital. It costs £20 to support one mum.

Mum Matters

Each support pack includes:

• A support booklet with information about our transfers and medical teams, useful tips on having a child in hospital, mental and physical health advice and signposting to other helpful organisations.

• Access to a support group on Facebook

• Expert advice and continued support from Nicola, Head of Service, throughout transfer and after

• Peer-to-peer support with families who have been in a similar situation

As mum, Melissa said, “one of the nurses said to us she believed Joshua progressed so quickly once we were back in London because we were calm and weren’t stressed. Being back home really helped our mental health which helped us care for our baby in the way he needed.”

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