June CAN Mezzanine Networking Breakfast Round-up


June CAN Mezzanine Networking Breakfast Round-up

June has seen another month of exciting networking breakfasts across the mezzanines. With new collaborations discussed and some great talks from existing CAN Mezzanine customers.

Old street

Existing customer MND Association spoke about their new awareness campaign. A short film from the campaign ‘Shortened Stories’ was shown featuring Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne. The film featured Robert who lives with Motor Neurone Disease and a poem he wrote called ‘Fresh Breath’. See the Shortened Stories here.

You can follow MND Association on Facebook or Twitter.

Loman street

Existing customer Mcpin Foundation spoke about their work in mental health research. The speaker, Vanessa Pinfold (Research Director) set up the charity in 2007 with her husband Nick Mcnally – hence the charity name “McPin”.

Their mission is to improve the quality of mental health research nationally so that practical, positive changes can be made to the wellbeing of communities.

They work across the mental health sector, delivering research and evaluation studies, advising on research, influencing commissioning and building alliances across health, social care, education and other sectors.

Mcpin are keen to collaborate and you can follow them @mcpinfoundation or visit


Existing CAN Mezzanine customer Publish What You Pay (PWYP) gave a fascinating update on their work. PWYP promote the transparent, accountable and sustainable management of oil, gas and minerals so that they contribute to prosperity for all involved. Executive Director Elisa Peter gave us a deeper insight into the work of PWYP member in Niger surrounding  AREVA, a major energy supplier in France. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world yet their uranium is used to light 1 in 3 light bulbs in France. Publish What You Pay member has been working on getting the contract signed in May 2014 between AREVA and the government in Niger made public. The current publication of this has been delayed.

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