July Networking Breakfast Round Up


July Networking Breakfast Round Up

July has seen another month of exciting networking breakfasts across the mezzanines. With inspiring talks from new and existing CAN Mezzanine customers. 

Loman street

Existing customer Policy Connect's new Chief Executive Jonathan Shaw introduced himself and spoke about the upcoming changes the UK is facing in light of the Brexit policy conversation. Policy Connect has two decades of experience in policy work, overseeing the research and delivery of more than 60 key publications in policy research.

As our political landscape is going through a lot of change, Policy Connect is looking to take the lead on Brexit policy conversation. Having held a Brexit event with a discussion focusing on the future of sustainability and environmental policy, they will be holding more of these kinds of events and are urging others to join in and further these policy discussions for the better. Please get in touch with Louise at if this sounds of interest.

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Old street

New organisations Cut Films and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation introduced themselves, highlighting how they successfully merged last year with Cut Films becoming the education and prevention arm of RCLCF. Cut Films demonstrated their core activities over the last year with a showreel.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to the prevention of lung cancer, statistically the biggest cancer killer of women in the UK. 

Cut Films is a new media project aimed at young people, which asks them to make a short advert to persuade their friends not to smoke.  They hold an annual awards ceremony at BAFTA each year to celebrate the best films. Emma Wrafter spoke about the challenges they often face such as getting into schools and the safeguarding they need to implement when dealing with social media trolling from the tobacco industry and pro-smokers. Emma also talked about a shisha awareness campaign they'll be working on in September with young people to educate them about the fact that an hour session of shish can be equivalent to 100-200 cigarettes.

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New organisation National Parks England introduced themselves, opening with a game of ‘Can you name the 10 national parks in England?’. Paul Hamblin and Sophie Gledhill talked about their current projects including the book ‘Mission Explore’ launched in line with National Parks Week. They also highlighted how they collaborate with colleagues in Wales and Scotland.

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Networking breakfasts are held exclusively for CAN Mezzanine customers free every month. See our step by step guide for moving into CAN. 

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