Is your office environment having a positive impact on staff wellbeing?


Is your office environment having a positive impact on staff wellbeing?

There are without a doubt many things that influence an individual’s wellbeing but with many people spending a large proportion of their time in an office it can and does without question play a part. 

So how can you make sure your office environment is having a positive impact on staff wellbeing? Here are our Top 3 recommendations: 

  1. Natural light – it’s well known that natural light has a positive impact on individuals, look around your office, how much natural light is being provided? Can it be improved?
  2. Open plan approach – although not possible in all instances an open plan approach to an office environment encourages co-working and collaboration, shown to improve productivity and staff morale.
  3. Facilities – what facilities are available at your office? Do staff have access to kitchen facilities to prepare lunch? Can they cycle to work and safely store their bikes? Is there somewhere for them to shower? These types of facilities help not only support but, encourage positive wellbeing. 

If you’re still unsure about the impact these kinds of changes can have on wellbeing in reality consider this: 

A recent study conducted with 1,500 employees by Focus (Published in Facilities Management Journal) saw 75% report an increase in productivity, just by changing to a co-working space. 

Is it time for you and your team to see how you can make your working environment even better?



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