How to use your office space – Part 2


How to use your office space – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our office space blog. Not read part 1 yet? Read it now.

With over 300 nationalities working in the UK, it begs the questions how can you accommodate everyone’s needs in one dedicated space, which allows them to collaborate and thrive together harmoniously? How do you keep all your workers happy? Is this an impossible task?

In a recent article in the Facilities Management Journal (FMJ) there was a great Social Media analogy which demonstrates three distinct areas needed in an office to move towards accommodating everyone. In the article, Facebook was deemed the fun and chilled out area where employees can eat, drink and relax, Twitter, the area would encourage collaboration and be a good area for client meetings; and finally LinkedIn, which would be the designated work area. With this analogy in mind we looked at how CAN has incorporated these three key zonal areas into our office space.

Eat / Drink / Relax

This area is dedicated to fulfilling the recreational and social space requirements. We understand the importance of a work and social life balance so we have made sure our office space reflects this. We have added zonal break out areas for relaxation and fully serviced kitchen facilities with Fairtrade coffee and tea readily available. CAN Mezzanine customers also have a softball team to encourage socialisation outside of the office.

Colleague collaboration

As well as nationality preferences, men and women’s viewpoints on collaboration within the workplace differ too. While men prefer a more hierarchal set up and designation of workloads and tasks, women lean towards a collaborative working environment and prefer to work together from the start of a project. On our CAN3 floor, we have designed and categorised working areas and collaborative zones to help bridge this gap. We have created zonal areas so that you can put your time and efforts into collaboration and learning when in a certain space and then when needed you can revert back to dedicated space to work individually.

Designated work area

In the UK we tend to lean more towards open plan office spaces, whereas in European countries preferences are to work in a more dedicated space with individual areas for focus. With this in mind, CAN have devoted space to allow for both collaboration and individual working areas. As part of our offering, we have meeting rooms to allow for formal collaboration, and the main CAN Mezzanine office space itself provides a mixture of options from open plan to dedicated areas should they be needed. We understand that preferences differ and have incorporated different aspects to make our office space appealing to both gender and nationality preferences. 

It is important to ascertain the needs of your employees and take steps to try and accommodate them. If you want to read more about the gender and nationality preferences that need to be taken into account when thinking about office space, CoreNetSurvey’s interesting findings can be found here.


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