Why choosing Hot Desking for a social organisation or a charity?


What is exactly Hot desking?

Hot Desking is a flexible alternative to traditional office rental: it means that you can book a desk in London, wherever you prefer, without a monthly or annual commitment. It is perfect for small businesses.

CAN Mezzanine provides a daily and flexible hot-desking solution for charities, social enterprises, not for profit and social organisations in general.


What are the benefits of choosing Hot Desking for your organisation?

Choosing flexible desk access to serviced offices is cost-effective, flexible, it encourages collaboration and sharing.

Choosing to book a Hot Desk in one of CAN Mezzanine’s locations in central London or close to Heathrow airport can benefit your charity or social organisation in many ways:


  • It’s cost-effective and flexible

Not every organisation needs desk spaces all at once, especially with today’s more flexible working hours. It’s particularly convenient in cities where office rents are high, like in London, and for small organisations that work with volunteers and an agile team.

CAN Mezzanine offers serviced hot-desking areas in its central London locations - Borough and Old Street - and in Hounslow.


  • It encourages collaboration

Working remotely can be isolating. Providing volunteers or home-based team members with a hot desk allows them to feel part of the organisation, to work closer to the team if also temporarily.

Hot desking means people naturally move around the office space; talk with colleagues they might never normally meet. It paves the way for new conversations and idea sharing, as well as opportunities for fresh collaboration and friendship.

In CAN Mezzanine, you will also have access to communal areas and shared kitchen facilities, as well as networking events and training sessions.


What does CAN Mezzanine provide?

Hot desking in CAN Mezzanine is exclusively designed for social organisations and charities from all over the UK.

It is possible to easily register on our system for free and then book a daily desk in one of our London locations for as little as 20£ per day.

Included in the cost, CAN Mezzanine provides FREE wifi, FREE coffee, tea and milk throughout the day as well as the chance to book one of our meeting rooms for 2 hours*.

The hot desks we provide are serviced with computers, pedestals and telephones.


Booking a Hot Desk in one of our locations means first of all understanding what does it mean to be part of the CAN Mezzanine's community of like-minded people; to have the chance to save money on expensive office space rentals; to follow the flexible needs of a small charity or social organisation.

Register here and book your desk today!

Check CAN Mezzanine's Hot Desk and Hot Desk + plans here. 


*The cost of the package Hot Desk+ is £50 per day and is subject to availability. Please get in touch with us to request it here.


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