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epilepsy society purple day

CAN Mezzanine Old street customer, Epilepsy Society, sat down with us and gave an insight into their Purple Day campaign they ran in March this year.

At 126 years old this year, Epilepsy Society began in 1892 to provide work for people with epilepsy in a time when stigma around the condition made it difficult for people affected to find work. In 2018, the society exists working towards one core vision - we want everyone affected by epilepsy to have the best opportunity for a full life, as free from seizures as possible. We set out to make a difference to every person affected by epilepsy whatever their background, however seriously it affects them, and whether they have the condition themselves or are close to someone with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is the tendency to have seizures that start in the brain. It affects around 1 in 100 people in the UK, that's over half a million people. Only 70% of people affected by epilepsy gain control through medication, leaving 30% living with uncontrolled seizures. Anyone can develop epilepsy at any age, and life with seizures can be unpredictable, debilitating and frightening.

As a charity, our mission is simple: to enhance the quality of life of people affected by epilepsy by promoting public awareness and education, by undertaking research and by delivering specialist medical care and support services to those affected.

epilepsy society fundraising pack

Purple Day falls on 26 March each year and is celebrated globally as a day to raise awareness of epilepsy. Epilepsy Society are proud to be an official Purple Day partner; it has become a vital part in our work around raising awareness of epilepsy and engaging with our supporters to raise funds for the charity. 

This year, we encouraged our supporters to host their own Purple Pyjama Party, although other fundraising events were also welcome. We sent out 1,500 fundraising guides to our community supporters who were hoping to fundraise for us. We are still awaiting a fundraising total that came from the many supporters who held a purple event for us this year.

epilepsy society purple day

At our website people were able to buy Purple Day merchandise through our online shop, find information about Purple Day and also read a blog with ideas on how to arrange your own fundraising event. We also had free downloadables including selfie props, a purple quiz, posters, and Purple Day recipes.

Year on year, our unique visitors to the Purple Day page have increased by 100.38%; a great reflection on how the day is used to increase reach and raise awareness for our charity.

Throughout March we promoted Purple Day across our social media channels, using in-house campaign photography and animated GIFs. We saw an increase in engagement on Purple Day Instagram posts throughout March: 88.37% more likes and 70.58% more comments than in 2017. On the day, we made use of Boomerang, Instagram story and infographics to create engaging content and generate high engagement from our followers. Our text-to-donate infographic on Facebook generated 1,655 shares throughout our following of approximately 52k users.

epilepsy society purple day

Our Community Fundraising Manager, Katrina Jones, said, "We are overwhelmed at the engagement and support we have received from community fundraisers this Purple Day. This year has been fantastic in raising awareness of our charity and the work we do, raising vital funds and, of course, raising awareness of epilepsy."


"It’s great to see the positive impact that campaigns can have on a charity not just in terms of monetary value but in boosting people’s awareness."

- Melanie Elgorr, Digital Content Executive, CAN
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