Customer Spotlight - Think Global


Customer Spotlight - Think Global

Next in our Customer Spotlight series we find out more about Think Global. 

Think Global are based at CAN Mezzanine in Loman Street using our charity and social enterprise office space to provide a flexible solution to their office needs.


Who are Think Global? 

Think Global’s vision is for all citizens to understand the global challenges we face and develop the capabilities to create a more just and sustainable world. They do not seek to provide people with ‘the right answers' as global issues are complex - they believe people need to come to their own conclusions on these important issues. They have particular expertise in working to connect young people to global issues.

 “I’m really excited about the unique contribution that Think Global can make. There are many organisations committed to a more just and sustainable world, but we’re not a campaigning or a fundraising charity we’re not involved in running humanitarian or sustainable programmes across the world, what we’re about is equipping people with the knowledge and the understanding of global issues so that they themselves can take better decisions.  I think that’s a really exciting challenge, it’s a slow burner in that it doesn’t produce quick results but in the long run it has the power to really change the world. That’s what gets me up in the morning and gets me to work it’s an exciting thing to do.” 

Tom Franklin, Chief Executive, Think Global 


Discover more about the work, changes & achievements of Think Global

Why not take a few minutes to watch this short video where we quiz Tom Franklin to understand more about the work Think Global do, their challenges and why the following words are so important to the work they do:

Education, charity, global issues,
sustainability, understanding, humanity



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