Customer Spotlight – Supporters Direct


Customer Spotlight – Supporters Direct

Next in our Customer Spotlight series we find out more about Supporters Direct. 

Supporters Direct are based at CAN Mezzanine in Old Street using our charity and social enterprise office space to provide a flexible solution to their office needs. 

Who are Supporters Direct?

Supporters Direct helps fans to set up democratic cooperatives (known as supporters’ trusts) to gain influence in the running and ownership of their clubs. They exist because they are needed: The game can be better run and should be more responsive to the needs of its fans and local communities. 

We asked Kevin Rye, Development Manager at Supporters Direct ‘If you could make one real difference in society, what would it be?’ here’s what he said… 

“Well we’re making it bit by bit and that’s they key is change your little corner of the world and you might find that you join forces with some people you never thought you’d join forces with.” 

Discover the mission, challenges & achievements of Supporters Direct 

Why not take a few minutes to watch this short video where we quiz Kevin Rye to understand more about the work Supporters Direct do, what their key challenges are and why the following words are so important to the work they do: 

Supporters, sport, enabling,
ownership structure, campaigning



Keep a look out for the next in our series of Customer Spotlights coming soon or take a look at our other CAN Mezzanine customer videos on our YouTube channel.


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