Customer Spotlight – Keeping Children Safe


Customer Spotlight – Keeping Children Safe

Next in our Customer Spotlight series we find out more about Keeping Children Safe. 

Keeping Children Safe are based at CAN Mezzanine in Old Street using our charity and social enterprise office space to provide a flexible solution to their office needs.

Who are Keeping Children Safe?

Keeping Children Safe is a membership network of organisations working together to increase safeguards offered to children. Keeping Children Safe strives to ensure children globally are safeguarded and protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.  It was formed in 2001 by some of the leading international development agencies in response to incidences of abuse and exploitation of children that were arising as a result of organisations work with vulnerable communities.

“Child abuse is a global problem it’s happening sadly everywhere across the world but many organisations don’t think about their impact on this problem. They really need to stop and reflect, look at any risks they might be introducing and really work together to minimize abuse to children.” 

Sally Warren, Communications and Advocacy Manager, Keeping Children Safe

Discover the mission, challenges & achievements of Keeping Children Safe 

Why not take a few minutes to watch this short video where we quiz Sally Warren to understand more about the work Keeping Children Safe do, what their key challenges are and why the following words are so important to the work they do:

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organisations, prevention



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