Customer Spotlight - C3 Collaborating for Health


Customer Spotlight - C3 Collaborating for Health

Next in our Customer Spotlight series we find out more about C3 Collaborating for Health.  

C3 Collaborating for Health are based at CAN Mezzanine in Borough using our charity and social enterprise office space to provide a flexible solution to their office needs. 

Who are C3 Collaborating for Health?

C3 Collaborating for Health works with many different people and organisations to promote 3 behaviour changes: stopping smoking, eating a better diet (including avoiding the harmful use of alcohol) and increasing physical activity. 

C3 brings together policy-makers, businesses, government, teachers, health experts, young professionals, academics and others to design ways to make it easier to be healthy, and to put these ideas into action. Working together can achieve more than is possible when acting as individuals or individual organisations. 

‘C3 Collaborating for Health is about trying to stop chronic disease, there’s an epidemic of diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and cancers that are caused predominantly by smoking, what we eat and drink and the fact we’re not active enough.’ 

Christine Hancock, Founder and Director, C3 Collaborating for Health  

Discover the mission, challenges & achievements of C3 Collaborating for Health 

Why not take a few minutes to watch this short video where we quiz Christine Hancock to understand more about the work C3 Collaborating for Health do, their challenges and why the following words are so important to the work they do: 

Chronic diseases, prevention, community engagement, health, collaboration



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