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the Great Get together campaign 2019

Catherine Anderson is the Chief Executive of Jo Cox Foundation, one of our CAN Mezzanine – Borough customers. The Jo Cox Foundation has been working since 2016 to build a positive legacy for the late Jo Cox MP through championing the issues Jo was passionate about, including tackling loneliness, the protection of civilians in conflict and supporting women to enter the public life.


  1. Your typical day...

There is no typical day. Usually I am involved in about ten different meetings in one day: the Jo Cox Foundation has many partners and we are developing new different streams of work as well. On a typical day I would be dashing from one part of London to the other, then I catch up with my team as we work closely together and constantly support each other. I really like when I can have a full day in the office, I can catch up with everybody and get things done.

  1. You’re responsible for… 

I run the Jo Cox Foundation, the charity that was set up to build a positive legacy for the late Jo Cox MP. I lead on developing our organisational strategy and campaigns, ensuring the Foundation successfully keeps Jo’s legacy, values and passions alive. We are a small team of five people at the foundation, some of which work solely on The Great Get Together” campaign- a campaign focused on bringing people together to build closer, more compassionate communities.


  1. How do you feel working for Jo Cox Foundation?

Hugely privileged, very lucky, very conscious of the magnitude of Jo’s legacy and how it can be a force for good.

At the same time, I think about the foundation 24/7. I particularly love this job because we built an amazing team alongside me and I just feel very happy about it.


  1. Your greatest achievement...

I can’t talk about my greatest achievement regarding this job because I have only got it six months ago, starting in September 2018.

My greatest achievement in life though have been either publishing my memoir in 2017 and being awarded last year with the Point of Light Award by the Prime Minister for my charity in Myanmar.


  1. Your greatest challenge... 

 My greatest challenge is making the Jo Cox Foundation sustainable for the next several decades because I will always think that what happened to Jo was one of the most significant events in our modern history. I feel a great responsibility to deliver a meaningful legacy and to not allow people to forget what happened to Jo and what she stood for.


  1. What have you learnt so far? 

One of the lessons I have learnt in life that served me well is that the best teams and the best results are based on really caring for your team as they were your family and treating everyone the way you would want to be treated. Whether you are a CEO or an intern it does not matter you always have to treat others kindly and with respect.


  1. Your plan B… 

I do want to be a Member of Parliament, and that’s no secret: I am on the list of the approved candidates for the Conservative Party.

At the moment though, I think that I am able to make a hugely positive impact through running the Jo Cox Foundation. I do believe in our democracy and I think that we should move away from Brexit and start thinking about everyday policies that make a real difference to people’s lives.


  1. Coffee or Tea? 

Tea. I don’t drink coffee at all!


  1. Your favourite quote… 

It has to be the Jo Cox quote from her maiden speech to Parliament: “We have more in common than the things that divide us”.



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