CAN Customer London Leadership Strategy undertake the Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA) project


CAN Customer London Leadership Strategy undertake the Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA) project

London Leadership Strategy are extremely excited to announce their partnership with the Institute of Education and the University of East London to undertake The Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA) project, which has just received a £545,000 grant from the Education Endowment Foundation.

The project, which aims to improve schools’ deployment of teaching assistants and ensure they make a valuable contribution to learning, is the first ever trial of a whole school intervention by the Education Endowment Foundation.  

The innovative approach underpinning this project brings together the UCL Institute of Education’s MITA programme for school leaders with training for teachers and teaching assistants developed by the University of East London, and on-going school-based support via the London Leadership Strategy. This trial will involve 100 primary schools that will be randomised to intervention or control. The intervention schools will receive a year of training and support, which they will put into practice in the second year. So far, over 100 schools have accessed the IOE’s MITA course, and it is currently running in schools in Plymouth, Tower Hamlets and on the Island of Jersey.

Rob Webster, Principal Investigator, said: 

“There are over 380,000 teaching assistants working alongside teachers in classrooms in England. The majority of TAs spend most of their time supporting pupils in every day classrooms, yet to date, the evidence of the most effective ways of deploying TAs in these settings is very limited. 

“This project will formally evaluate the effects of changing practices at the school level in an important area of educational improvement. Our aim is to provide good evidence on how schools can unleash the potential of TAs and make a positive contribution to learning in classrooms.”

Anita Kerwin-Nye, Managing Director of LLs, said:

“Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants is a fantastic project that will improve outcomes in the classroom and we are delighted to support this exciting project in partnership with the Institute of Education.  We will be deploying LLS’ national network of education system leaders – heads and senior leaders committed to principles of school to school support – to help roll out the MITA programme. This work builds on our work as hosts of the Whole School SEND Consortium and on the work of the SEND Review. Moreover, it reflects feedback from our network on the vital role of teaching assistants in supporting all children and young people”.

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