CAN collaborates - how our organisations work together


CAN collaborates - how our organisations work together

CAN's annual survey has revealed again that organisations in the Mezzanines are collaborating as a result of being in our buildings.

Our second annual survey of CAN Mezzanine customers focused on finding out how they interact with each other, and looked at how organisations socialise and collaborate - and what results this generated.

A huge 86% of organisations surveyed socialise on a regular basis in the Mezzanine with other organisations, and 62% are sharing information.

85% of organisations believe that being at CAN Mezzanine plays an important part in their collaborative relationships - being in our Mezzanines helps develop these important connections.

And a quarter (25%) said that they have generated cost savings, revenue, or won bids or contracts as a result of collaborating with other organisations in CAN Mezzanine. 

Socialising results in collaboration, which can have the outcome of funds or savings generated.

Download the collaboration infographic to see the results. 

You can also download the A5 and A6 sheets.

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