Anti-Social Behaviour and how the CAN Mezzanine community is helping tackle the problem


anti social behaviour

Previously, we answered the question what is anti-social behaviour and what can we do to help? A year on we thought we’d put the spotlight on some of the great organisations who are continuing to tackle the problem.

Mentor UK

mentor uk

Mentor UK is a CAN Mezzanine Old street customer. Their mission is to promote the health and wellbeing of children and young people in order to prevent alcohol and drug misuse. Mentor UK recently delivered a seminar looking at new psychoactive substances and how schools and practitioners can improve their knowledge of these substances in order to deliver appropriate interventions. Read more Mentor UK’s innovative approach to prevent anti social behaviour.

The Archway Project

the archway project

CAN Invest’s Early Intervention Fund, delivered in partnership with UBS, recently invested in the Archway project to help expand the scale and reach of their services. Archway Project is a youth club and education centre for young people providing training and support that is accessible to all. They set up in 1982 to enrich the lives of young people through a range of educational workshops and recreational activities. They offer a unique learning experience, with a proven track record for minimising social exclusion, empowering at risk young people, providing meaningful qualifications and reducing crime rates. Find out more about their work.

Foyer Federation