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In the first of a new series we caught up with CAN Mezzanine, Business Manager Aaron Gayle to understand what a day working at CAN Mezzanine, Old Street looks like in his shoes.


Which of the 5 CAN Mezzanine locations are you based at?

I’m based at our Old Street building which can accommodate up to 476 working professionals each day.


How long you’ve been at CAN and what was it that made you want to join the team?

I joined CAN on November 21st 2016. Before then, I’ve never worked in the third sector and was keen to do something that helped make a difference.

Seeing the organisations based at the CAN Mezzanine sites was really inspirational and it was great to see the areas covered from mental health, cancer, woman’s rights, disability rights, environmental social initiatives and many more. I have a personal connection with the social mission of various organisations based here, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to work with every charity and help them do what they do best.


Did it take you long to get to grips with CAN Mezzanine, Old Street when you first started?

I was fortunate to join CAN with transferable skills and experience in operations, account management and project management. That being said there was, of course, a steep learning curve during my induction and training period. However, through adopting a methodical approach, I'm now in a position where I can make decisions with a good understanding of all the extent of various FM challenges and procedures from a holistic viewpoint.


What does a standard day for Business Manager, Aaron Gayle look like?

That’s a really tricky one as it’s rare that two days are the same (which I love!). Here are just a handful of my regular tasks (there are always plenty more each day): 

  • Managing services – there are 50 different services coming into the building (e.g. broadband, VoIP, printers, water, gas etc) in this area I manage the service delivery and address customer queries, billing and invoices.
  • New arrivals – there are a lot of tasks to do to ensure we’re ready for our new arrivals which include: floor measurements and planning, arranging the set-up of facilities, furniture move in, building passes, inductions and license agreements.
  • Customer expansion – in this area I work with the Sales & Marking Director. We review the available space(s) and work carefully to establish how we can meet the existing customers need to grow off the back of their success.
  • Managing costs – from hiring maintenance contractors to purchasing kitchen Items, to the electrical appliance and many more. I work with the finance team to ensure that Old Street operates to our customers' needs in the most cost-efficient way possible.
  • Paperwork – not everybody loves it, but it’s an important part of the job to ensure we are compliant with all relevant statutory bodies. Tasks such as making sure that all of our customer license agreements are signed and up to date, our health and safety certificates are compliant with industry standards (e.g. electrical equipment) and our supplier contracts are up-to-date and regularly reviewed.
  • Supporting Operations – I work closely with the wider operations team across CAN Buildings to ensure that we are all working in unison to our organisation’s social mission and values. Contributions include sharing ideas on new procedures on customer inductions, events, and thinking of new services to introduce into all CAN Mezzanine buildings that would be of added value not only to our customers but to CAN.
  • Getting strategic – on top of the ‘day to day’ I also get involved in strategic projects with my direct line manager as needed.
  • Events – in this area, I oversee all CAN Mezzanine networking events to ensure they take place on time and to our customers' expectations.


Tell us some of the things you enjoy most about working at CAN Mezzanine

  • It’s my job to make sure that the lights and internet are on and meeting rooms are available all of which plays a part in the organisations who thrive and maximise social impact, that’s a great thing to be involved in.
  • There’s such an amazing variety of people, personalities, missions here. As a result, it is a great honour to be able to build relationships with people here as it becomes a friendship as well as a professional relationship. And this is a benefit I really enjoy. 
  • Seeing organisations grow! MHFA was a recent example. Growing from 40 to 62 desks during my tenure at CAN so far. It was great to be able to support them and ensure that their expansion projects were completed on time and to their requested specification.

Most of all every day is a different day, I’m always ready to manage the unexpected.


What is your mantra when it comes to work? 

‘Enjoy Mondays

If you’re not enjoying Monday’s, are you in the right job? On Sunday evening I always look forward to coming in to work and tackle the new week. All challenges are manageable and solvable. They provide me with the opportunity to tackle them head-on, learn and grow as an individual.


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