5 Key Questions to Ask When Searching for a New Charity Office Space


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Searching for a new office space for your charity or social enterprise can be a very extensive task! This is particularly true in London with the diverse range of co working spaces available. We’ve broken down some key aspects to consider before and during your search.

1. Is the location right for staff and beneficiaries?

Consider how a location change will affect team members and those you support. Will your new office space mean a longer commute for most staff? Do you rely heavily on volunteers and will this affect them? How much remote working goes on? If your organisation has visits from beneficiaries regularly, it may be more important to be in a location convenient for them.

2. How good are the transport links?

Likewise, to the above how are most stakeholders accessing your office? Are there good tube or train links? Will many parking spaces be needed. Also consider disabled access to the building itself and parking. Does the nearby tube or train station have step free access?

3. Is there room for growth?

Consider, not just immediate needs but is the space flexible enough for growth? Does it align with your organisation’s projected growth over the course of the lease? One of the benefits of CAN is that our office space is fully flexible. We also offer full size and standard desk options, to enable our organisations to make the most of their space.

4. Are there hidden costs?

Office space is more than simply desks in a building. There can be other costs for example cleaning, phone lines, utilities and business rates. It’s advisable to find out about associated costs early on. For example, using the CAN Mezzanine office space calculator all costs are listed upfront.

5. Are there networking opportunities and training opportunities?

Are there opportunities to meet others and exchange skills with those in your industry? A new office space can be a new opportunity. CAN runs regular networking events to facilitate collaboration between charities and social enterprises in our buildings.

Find out more about office space for your charity or social enterprise at CAN Mezzanine.

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